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An all-new Sword & Sorcery magazine, made with love for the classics and an inclusive, boundary-pushing approach to storytelling.

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19 days ago – Thu, May 18, 2023 at 01:46:03 PM

I hate the idea of spamming you with lots of updates, but it's been over two months since the last one and I figure you may be wondering how it's going with production of NESS #1&2.

A few days ago we sent out our first payment to a NESS author.  It felt great! Thank you so much for making that possible.

We've paid a couple more since then, which is extra cool because payment is a sign of progress. I've been tracking that progress in an Excel chart whose left column I'm going to crop out so I'm not shaming any of the authors who aren't finished yet.

An excel spreadsheet showing the progress from "Dev Edit Submitted" to "Payment Sent".

And the art progress bars look like this: 

We're chugging along nicely! The earlier, far left, columns represent the most time-consuming work, and the process tends to speed up once you get past the first couple. Our goal is to have these bars all glowing green by very early July, at which point we will be sending files off to our printer. 

The process of printing, sending, receiving, and reviewing proofs, plus the actual official print run that follows, and then shipping that print run to our fulfillment person in Chicago...will carry us through to early or mid-October, assuming all goes smoothly. From there we'll begin mailing out everybody's issues!

When we send our finished files to the printer - again, early July is the goal - I'll post another update to let you know how things are going. 

Until then!


Oliver Brackenbury

NESS Discord!
3 months ago – Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 03:58:32 PM

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WOW, 114% funded! Now what?
3 months ago – Sun, Mar 05, 2023 at 03:42:07 PM

We unlocked our first stretch goal, which means that issues one and two will each contain 18 original B&W illustrations!

I, Oliver the editor, am an empty husk after pouring so much of myself into promoting this thing over the past six weeks, but very soon you can all expect to get Backer Surveys so we can collect mailing addresses and otherwise do what's needed to ensure you get your issues of NESS when the time comes.

That time is currently "Fall 2023", and will become more specific as we move closer to the Fall. Periodic updates on the progress we're making in producing the issues will be provided here via Kickstarter updates.

We can also be followed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Pretty soon we'll also be launching a Discord server to serve as the magazine's official online community. If there's anyting you particularly like to see in a Discord server, please feel free to share that in the comments under this update.

Once more with feeling....THANK YOU all so very much for backing & sharing our magazine. I can't wait to return the favor by producing the highest quality publication we possibly can!


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3 months ago – Fri, Mar 03, 2023 at 08:23:56 AM

Hi everybody!

As I type this we're a little less than $800 away from unlocking DOUBLE ART. Can we do it? 

Meanwhile there's gonna be a...


Tonight at 7pm EST, for an hour, maybe two? 

It's a party and you're all invited!


Our brave editor, me, and most of our staff will be there, along with Matt John of the Rogues in the House podcast serving as our host. We may also have special guests drop in!

Come to ask us hang and ask questions in the chat, do shots with us when we hit stretch goals - I'll have to start with one because we've already crossed the 100% line! -  and participate in our goofy, good-natured group play-through of some scenes from...THIS:

Did you know that in the early 80's TSR tried to bring more girls into D&D by publishing a line of choose-your-own-adventure type books focused on romance? Oh yes!

Will we unlock Double Art AND find romance? Let's find out together tonight at 7pm EST!

3 months ago – Thu, Mar 02, 2023 at 05:04:40 AM

Thank you so much everybody!

If there's anybody in your life who you think may dig the magazine, or any online community (Facebook, Reddit, Discord...) you think would be receptive, please consider sharing the campaign with them.

Now let's see if we can't get you all DOUBLE INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS, and PAY CONTRIBUTORS MORE! I'd love it if we could make these guys...

...look like THIS:

Maybe even go further, paying our artists and authors as much as possible!

Again, thanks to you all for backing and sharing the campaign. I'm so happy we're going to get to make more of these for you.